About Me

Hi, my name is Casie, and this is my solution to dead links. Have you ever been wandering around the internet trying to learn or look or find only to find yourself on an endless loop of dead blogs or miss information, or always exiting through the gift shop? Though I must admit, I am part of that fray Regularly contributing at Hesperides Garden both on their blogs and in our books. Not to mention Witch-Lits, the magazine I started making for my kids and now offer worldwide. I love these projects and the Nonprofit I helped create.

The Family 2019

I also have a wonderful family. we spend much of our time outside in the garden, my happy place. No matter what is going on I can always find refuge in the garden. I actively butterfly garden and am involved in healing my local horticulture.

Being spiritually eclectic and hearing from so many others how frustrating the endless circles and dead blogs, there are out there that exploring one topic was daunting. But when you look at the blogs, there is some excellent information there, and not just Pagan blogs, but information one might find useful from all over the web ends up here as a unique little resource for us. Like the diving board of a pool, you can dive deep and make forward progress. Who can pass up a useful resource, am I, right?

I hope you enjoy what I have assembled here and supported those that you find helpful – if we want good Pagan resources we need to be good Pagan patrons.

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