ABC’s in a Magick way!

ABC’s in a Magick way!

May 8, 2018 2 By Casie

We must start that the beginning! Learning the alphabet is a must but what’s more, is coloring is similar to meditation in many ways and fit for any age. Coloring as an activity is shown to help people calm down and relax. For young and old alike coloring can be a fun place to add a little extra creative energy. To that end find 10 printable sets bellow of the English alphabet. Each with a unique Pagan or nature-themed.

I had so much fun looking for these! I hope you enjoy what was found.

The first is your basic animals made into letter shapes, you can always look up the animal meaning and have it be a part of the craft or project. Since we are talking about animals this is the more complex version to create a fun project at any age. Including many animals, it is a work of art when finished.

Natures art will always find a home in our words and hearts so these letters are covered in plants,

and these are made of plants. however, these are filled with plants. This last set you might describe as Floral

Always a fan of Little Pagan Acorns work with this well done Educational Set

The fairy folk has al gift times three. The fay among the plants in each but each is difrent, unique in its own way. this one is old but sweet, this one is playful and quite unique. the last is something between a single fairy throughout.