About Me

Hi, my name is Casie, welcome to the blog. I love working with kids and doing kid things! I put myself through school working at daycares. Growing up with a learning disability, forced me to learn more and more about how learning happens. In the daycare classroom, we incorporated all kinds of things that form our extended learning programs. We did not limit ourselves to Montessori or Waldorf, dittos and no dittos, but did it all in one crazy mess. I took this and applied it to my kids growing up in my Pagan house. This is my solution to that so I can find the magick I am looking for and move on… to actually be with the kids.

The Family 2019

I have a wonderful family. we spend much of our time outside in the garden, my happy place. No matter what is going on I can always find refuge in the garden. I actively butterfly garden and am involved in healing my local horticulture through the national federation of garden clubs.

Being spiritually eclectic and hearing from so many others how frustrating the endless circles and dead blogs there are out there that exploring one topic was daunting. But when you look at the blogs, there is some excellent information there, and not just Pagan blogs, but information one might find useful from all over the web ends up here as a unique little resource for us. Pagan Parents who want our kids well educated, well rounded and free to choose their own path from a place of self knowlage.

I hope you enjoy and this blog puts a little more magick in your life!

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