Across the vail

Across the vail

February 4, 2021 0 By Casie

Many many years ago my cousin lost her friend suddenly. They were like sisters since first grade. They did everything together. My cousin was hurting and needed to hear her friend who I had no doubt was with her always. The loss out of nowhere was too much. Their kids continued to grow but instead of gleeful playdates, the loss hung in the air.

Together we created a journal with words in it near Samhian. I wrote these words in the front. The intent was to use the book with beautiful paper to write in it to her friend. Burn it in the candle we blessed. I know she used it a few times. She never shared with is whether it helped but I hope so.

Now I use the same spell to talk to her and I know it helps me – I miss her but sometimes I still hear her call.

Friend to friend


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