An American Prayer

An American Prayer

January 21, 2021 0 By Casie

Determined God 

Fierce Goddess 

With the strength of every element 

Revitalize this nation 

I call upon the northern element of earth 

Aid communities across this nation 

Help them grow and thrive 

I call upon the Eastern element of Air

Inspire change and unity

In perfect love and perfect trust we progress

I call upon the Sothern element of Fire

Protect the ideals of this nation

Let them swell in the hearts of the people

I call upon the Western element of Water

Purify those in power, rejuvenate the spirit

Wisdom should guide their actions

Let us as a nation stand together

Finding balance and peace

To harm none and for the good of all

As above so bellow

As within so without

So mont it be.

American Payer 

American Payer - for communication

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