Beltane Info For All!

Beltane Info For All!

May 1, 2018 34 By Casie

Sometimes having good sources of holiday fun can simply make life more fun so here are a few for the Beltane season.

History & General Information

We can all appreciate Wikipedia though can occasionally be edited with inaccurate information generally has good information.

History of the Maypole from ThoughtCo is sure you to find just the right step.

Good information about traditions and so much more from The Goddess and The Green Man

A little insight from Llewellyn goes a long way!

Myths and traditions around the world from Hesperides Garden

Crafts & Other Activities

Beautiful ideas from Thought Co on how to include the kids in a holiday celebrating fertility.

Who can resist this Seasonal Sabbat Buntings form Little Pagan Acorns and these Fun Printables.

Make a Crown Like this from Nature Store  or this form Monochrome Sparkle

Decorate the entire house with tissue paper flowers from Hay Lets Make Stuff (make a Mobil)

How about a basket for you and one for a friend from Skip to my Lue

Make some Music with Drums and Rattles

Enjoy upcycling with Pagan Tama and these beautiful masks

Make a Mini Maypole from MindBodyGreen

Coloring page from Crayola


Celtic Cookery : Beltane Bannocks ,Bread, and Other Foods Recipes

Beltane, May Day, Food Recipe

Beltane Recipes, and Beltane Custard and Flower Recipes Dad


Other Good Fun

This Pathos Article is a few years old but talks about the energy of the holiday.

The Pagan and Wiccan Parenting Page had so much it fits in all the categories, clearly an older page the info is just as useful.

All of the energy of this holiday summed up in one place!