Birth Oil Blend

Birth Oil Blend

January 18, 2021 0 By Casie

Birth Oil Blend

Pregnant with my second child I decided to create an essential oil blend that I could use during labor. I used resources from essential oil books and magickal property books to create this blend. It is my hope that science and magick will help both me, those around me, and my soon to be born child enter this world. Though I have been using oils for some time now, I have never made a blend with so many elements or with so much magick.


1 oz Base of sunflower oil. This base has a verity direct relationship with the sun without which no life could survive. This powerful energy during labor can bring about energy and the eternal renewal of the sun.

11 drops Lavender. Lavender has many positive properties, it can be used for almost anything. I always say that when in doubt put some lavender oil on it.  Lavender in this case was included because of its calming qualities as well as an antiseptic. Lavender is a fantastic addition to almost any blend.

3 drops basil. Basil is known to help with transitional labor and has the magickal properties of attraction, balance, energy, and power.

4 drops Frankincense. Having properties of rebirth, balance as well as harmony and healing. As well as helping with anxiety.

4 Drops Birch. Also having rebirth properties relieving anxiety and general release. Birch also aids in healing, focus, and true love.

There are 22 drops of oil. This number in numerology is connected to physical mastery. As giving birth is both a spiritual and physical activity it seemed reasonable to add this energy of mastery.

Apple seeds have a direct connection to the Mother Goddess. These seeds were harvested while cutting an apple I shared with my eldest child for a little extra maternal energy.

3 chips of tiger’s eye. This protective stone will lend its energy to the oil blend allowing for me and baby to be protected with every application.

2 chips clear quartz. Again this is for the element of rebirth. I believe that everything is a cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth, a cycle of three so I included three elements of rebirth.

3 chips rose quartz. Rose quartz is included for love pure and simple. The love between a mother and child is awesome, to say the least.  This oil with pure love’s energy will help the love that creates life bring forward to this world.

There are 8 stone chips as eight is the number of cycles and pride. This is also a number of; protection strengths, success, and wellbeing.

I put this all together on a clear night when I could see the stars. My reasoning for this was twofold. First that a clear sky was always a good sign that there will be few obstacles in the path. Nothing but clear skies. And second, the stars are in everything. We have elements inside us that are only made in stars the stars live in the endless cycle of birth life death and rebirth. At their death dispersing energy to bring about new life, to me, this is what is happening when a mother gives birth as well.