Blood Magick – Placenta Encapsulation.

Blood Magick – Placenta Encapsulation.

October 7, 2020 0 By Casie

Consuming the placenta is a sticky topic in modern culture, as is blood magick in circles that would discuss such things. Both have a long-standing and colorful history. Consuming the placenta has many science-based benefits: helping a new mother to produce quality breast milk, providing nutrients back to mom’s body for a quicker recovery, provides iron and hormonal balance, and much-needed energy at a time when many can feel overtaxed. These and other benefits have led to the reemergence of consuming the placenta in Western cultures.

In general, the modern way to do this is through encapsulation. The placenta is prepared in the traditional Chinese medicine method. The placenta is steamed with lemon, ginger, and green chili (added to the water only) and then dehydrated, crushed and placed into capsules that can be easily swallowed. This method has a long history of success and makes the act of consuming much more palatable.

On the spiritual side, the placenta mirrors the tree of life which is held in high regard across many faiths. The placenta grows in the mother’s body bringing forth new life and sustaining the next generation until they are ready to enter the world; a miracle of biology to say the least. This is a mirror of the life-sustaining energy we take from Mother Earth. During the creation of the placenta, the mother is providing for her child, as the earth provides for us. After the child is born the mother can consume this energy to better provide in the future. Just as the Earth consumes fruit fallen from the tree to replenish her energy into a new life and provide again and again.

The blood in the placenta had but one purpose, to sustain new life. It flows with a high potency of nutrients and magick; filled with both mother and child’s energy. The placenta is also the most unique of organs in that it flows with the blood of two people, the blood belonging to both mother and baby but never mixing into one. When we consume it, we are not only replenishing our own bodies but also magickally strengthening the connection between mother and child; decreasing the likelihood of postpartum depression. This is one of the noted benefits of placenta consumption, though hormonal balance is said to be the reason for this scientifically, there is so much more we do not see happening behind the scenes. Moreover, by consuming this life-sustaining organ the mother of the child becomes more connected to the mother of us all, the Goddess, and through her the wisdom of all the mothers that came before. It is a connection that can bring with it the benefit of knowing you have Divine support when no one is with you and your new little one. It can bring confidence you can do this even when things get hard in a way you never imagined and provide a connection that lasts long after the placenta capsules are gone.

For this ritual, first and foremost, you will need to find a licensed local professional to encapsulate your placenta. It is best to have this arranged before birth so it can be done immediately after birth. Once you have your capsules, prepare your ritual space. (Or if you don’t have a placenta handy: use a pomegranate. )

You will need:

·         Herbs connected with the Mother Earth (Black Elderberry, Sambucus nigra,  Chamomile, Matricaria recutita, Echinacea, Echinacea purpurea, Fenugreek, Trigonella foenum-graecum, are a few examples)

·         A red candle

·         A candle holder and charcoal burner for herbs

·         Your placenta capsules (pomegranate seeds)

·         A glass of water

Ground, Cast Circle, and Call Corners.

Close your eyes and visualize a warm dark cave. This is a gateway between our realm and the Divine, the Mother Goddess’s cave. This is a safe place where you are immersed in her motherly love. Focus on your breathing, calm, steady, and flowing with the pulsing energy of Mother Earth. Feel your energy blending with her energy, taking it in with each breath flowing as one. Stay here as long as you wish. When you are ready to welcome this energy into your physical space, feel it expanding from you creating a sphere of the pure white energy of the Mother Goddess.

When you feel fully immersed in her energy, call corners.

In the darkness Earth’s energy sprouts new seeds

I welcome this energy into my space

Air flows through every dark space stirring inspiration

I invite this energy into my space

In the darkness Fire ignites a guiding light

I invite this energy into my space

Water flows through all, bringing life out of the darkness

I invite this energy into my space  

Call to the Mother Goddess. This should be done from the heart and contain what motherhood means to you. Say what you really feel and invite her to join your circle. 

Light the charcoal and add the herbs. Allow the smoke to fill the space. Take this time to just relax and be in this moment.  

Light the candle and watch the flame flicker in the smoke. See how they dance together but separate, just as you and your child, just as the blood in the placenta. Take in a deep breath and fill the warmth of the Mother Goddess’s energy all around you and flowing through you. You now are a mother and have a brand-new connection to nurture to grow from. This is a bond like no other! 

Feel the energy around you. Listen to the wisdom of the Mother Goddess and all the Mothers that came before you. As the smoke flows, so too does the breadth of their knowledge.  Whispering to you all the secrets and strengths they have to share. Take time listening. There is always so much to learn. Also hear their words of support. They have walked the lonely times, the hard times, the low times of motherhood, and know a trick or two about overcoming them and getting through the rough times. Let their love encompass you. You are supported! 

Hold the capsules in your hands. Think about being pregnant, think about giving birth, and all the new experiences that have transformed you into a mother. Like a butterfly, you have new wings and have made an irreversible change. Words cannot express the full scope of the change so just feel it. Feel the change in your heart, mind, and soul. Just bring the energy that is surrounding you to the front of your mind. Now think about the transformation of a new life; A brand new being who grew inside of you! From tiny cells to a beautiful baby, through birth and taking their first breath. There are billions upon billions of new experiences to embark upon; a new unique life just starting out in this world. Together mother and child, you are beginning a journey that will last far past your lifetime. You are connected eternally.  

See the energy between you and your child. Flowing life-giving energy that connects you no matter how close or how far. Not overbearing but a gentle reminder your child is never alone, you are always there for them. It is the same energy that flows from the Mother Goddess to you and to all the mothers who are and ever were. See this flowing energy like the red wax dripping from the candle. Flowing like the tides of the red sea, like the blood in your body. Smooth and steady and always available. Take time with this energy so you can easily recall it when need be. 

Take one of the capsules. As you do, take in all that energy deep into your body. This is the connection of that red life-giving flowing energy. This is a physical reminder of that energy and one you take in with all the nutrients to help you finalize the transition to motherhood and take strength in your new role. These capsules are a physical representation of your connection between you and your child. Two separate people whose energy flows closely connected. Take time with this energy.

Finish the glass of water. Say thank you to the Mother Goddess, and the energies you called. With a strong motherly shout from deep in your heart howl, holler, roar to release the energies.      

As you clean up, know the Mother Goddess, the Mothers that came before you, and the energies around you are in full support of your motherhood and are there for you whenever you need them! Bury the wax from the candle and leave an offering for the Mother Goddess.  

I figured if you made it this far you could apricate the Tree of Life on this temporary organ!