Calling Corners

Calling Corners

September 12, 2020 0 By Casie

For my kids, calling corners is a basic right. I have told them that the elements are always around them and they are made of these elements. Helping them become aware of their connection with the elements is a skill for life. Chanting mantras of any kind has strong meditative properties and I feel that including the elements helps my children tap into their unique spirit. I have protective charms on my children and they mostly exist in protected spaces.

I remind them that though they are welcome to call the elements anytime, they should always be respectful of the people and the environment they are in. Always remember to teach that our thoughts have power. I tell them that any chant or call they say in their head has power. Knowing this power is more powerful in the long run… but no need to overwhelm them for now.

It can be simple like –

Earth and Air find me here

Fire and water come to be near

Or you can do the traditional Watchtower Chant

Calling Corners

A journal page of the traditional cardinal directions watchtower chat!
Calling Corners

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To me it is important that my kids never feel alone (unless that is what they’re looking for). I call the elements and feel more ready and more brave. Sometimes, I feel comfort and at other times, a kick in the pants. Everything I know will help them along the way.