Child’s First Pagan Rite

Child’s First Pagan Rite

September 13, 2020 0 By Casie

I love doing things with my kids and they have their own BOS mixed with the things keep safe for them for now! But I make things for them like these journal pages! I am not going to share my children’s rites because that was a moment for them and their spiritual community. I loved doing them and think of those moments often on my parenting journey.

Just like your babies rite is going to be! I think these rites are most meaningful when the community welcoming the baby crates the rite. This should be reflective of your family and the energy around spirituality you hope to raise your child in. At each of my children’s we offered a blessing and their first spiritual gifts, these things were important to me because I bereave when you bless someone as apposed to wish for them that you are naturally more vested in the outcome and the gifts were more about providing tools on this plane of existent to winch they are new or returning a physical object about spirituality is a different kind of thing for them to touch.

Child's First Pagan Rite

Welcome your little your way, this planing page and keepsakes can ad to any unique Pagan Rite
Child's Rite

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These are just a few little journal pages to help you plan and enjoy the day. Here you will find a planning page and a few keepsakes pages. Printing on nicer paper improves the quality of the keepsake.