Crone magick for guidance

Crone magick for guidance

October 31, 2021 0 By Casie

I charged the candles twice for this spell. First was by dripping wax on them to make them “bloody” in the preparation period – this is when the words came to me as well. I charged the candles a second time during the spell as I mentally assigned one to my mother’s bloodline and one to my father’s. After I did my usual beginning, I called specifically to the Crone Goddess and the Sage God. Then I said the words as I lit both candles, and then once again when the candles were both lit. Then I just sat and waited, followed my intuition, and got more than I was expecting. I hope it goes as well for you too.

PS. I got all the candles I needed from the dollar store.

Ancestor Candle



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