DIY Candles the easy way

DIY Candles the easy way

March 10, 2021 0 By Casie

This morning I made protection candles the easy way. You can too.

You will need:

A thrift store coffee pot or old pan never to be used again.

The wax of your choosing – (paraffin or beeswax work well)

Wicks, if you get the pre-made, have a metal bottom and have wax on them. If you buy the spool, you will likely need to wax your wick and add a metal wick clip. You can choose to leave the wick clip off and anchor the wick in wax. Creators choice.

Candle holders of your choice. (You can often find this at a thrift store too)

popsicle sticks



Lastly, you will need some add-ons. These can be almost anything depending on your purpose. I chose to use Blessed Thistle, Pink Rose, elderberry, apple cider mix and scented wax, and a single apple seed in the pictured creation. These are elements of protection. Which is my intent today.

Start by making sure everything is clean and dry.

Add your wax to the coffee pot, put it on the stove at a LOW temperature.  Do not rush!

Next, fit your wick and anchor using a little wax. Dip the wick clip in the not fully melted wax and use a spoon or popsicle stick to move a little wax in your candle holder. Use some finesse and get them to stick. (you can buy adhesives that will make this process easier if your wish)

Once you wax is melted, it is time to add extras.

In the picture, I added the scent,

So I also ended up adding some blessed thistle and pink rose as I poured.

The next step it to pour in your candle holders.

I do this in three steps.

Step 1. add a small layer to further anchor the wick, let set while returning  the way to the heat (maybe turning it down.)

Step 2. Now you know your wick won’t float around because of the first pour and set pour the main body of the candle, leaving space for one more small pour. Allow to set this will take a bit longer than your first pour so be sure to return your wax to the very low heat, decreasing over time.  (Again I added herbs here too. but would not have had to if I did not add sugar. )

Step 3. Do the last small pour. This last wax pour tops everything off neatly add herbs and other extras that are intended to float down with the wax as the candle is burnt. In my case a few elderberries and a single apple seed for each candle.  The berries I added directly after the pour and the apple seeds I waited till the top firmed up wanting it absolute on top.

A few things to note:

If a wick comes loose during the pouring process pinch it between two popsicle sticks to hold it about the center of the candle holder or sand. If your wick is leaning this way, or that puts it with popsicle sticks to keep it as centered as possible.

If you have an old candle holder that has some residual wax, just stick it in the future