For the love of the Moon!

For the love of the Moon!

August 29, 2020 0 By Casie

Oh, the moon! We do activities every so often in addition to a family Ritual that fits the month and family. Integrating the activities that we do together make it more fun for the kids with a magick twist!

Making this first few projects about Moon Phases is so much fun and created a lasting toy/ tool for the kids that allowed for independent play education for a time. (then I’m not sure where it went…if you ask the kids) Easy and fun from happy toy shelf, I added to the label the energetic quality of each phase. Easy to make and lasting fun! Here is a similar activity but with cardboard. Always interested in less plastic. It’s great (but the first one lasted 6 months)

This Phases of the Moon Flip Book might spark the imagination and when you slow down, you can add magick to the back of every page, use them for affirmations and keep track of the moon for a month. This can be made and remade for magick work such as letting go over a moon cycle.

This is a different kind of flipbook! Fun for learning the moon phases, or an excellent child goal-setting tool! Imagine if at each phase of the moon, their small objectives to a larger goal working with the energy to manifest and represent it in a concrete way that is physical so that kids (or anyone else) can manifest.

I love this kind of paper activity! This interactive toy fits easily in my Child’s BOS and can help as a tool and for learning and planning. To be honest, I just made this one and presented it. They loved it!

Felt Puzzles are easy and fun to make. Kids like making them and you can add magick or science or both with additional cards, words, or anything you can dream up. This learning style is common in Montessori schools, using timelines like these. This also works in a felt book. We put sparkle glue on top of the pieces that so there is a clear top and bottom. We added magick with conversations. When my kids were young, they played with something like this when I did my thing under the full moon.

Moon craters are so much fun! These activities are more crafty. I love messy crafts but they’re not all that way. First this Styrofoam circle and jabbing. Using different tools can make this a lot of fun. Don’t let the adorable picture fool you. This activity can get crazy. It is excellent for teaching self-control. If you plan on keeping for a short period of time use the flour recipe they should have suggested. If you want to create a wall hanging, consider using drywall mud and add a bit of water if necessary. It will need a longer drying time but will keep much better. This is a lot of steps and can easily be broken up over days, creating a great opportunity for repetition.

Puffy paint – a lot of fun and the end result is almost always a surprise. This is one where I tell my kids we are going to work on this for X amount of time. We have added colors and chanted, leaving it under the moon to dry leading to some fantastic results!

Take it to the kitchen and make moon bread and have a snack while reading any one of these great moon books.

One moon activity had to do with emotional intelligence. I did not find one so I made this one up for us. <<<<< check back soon for this one, we are doing it under the moonlight!

Take it outside With this very VERY messy activity! But your kids will never forget. I recommend you cover the outside black area with paper! So you can see the edges a bit more clearly. A great way to reinforce the lesson with fun active play. Or how about this Moon sculpting! A great way to teach the seas with these maps of the moon surface and molding.

We used this method to make Moon things like a necklace and ornaments for the holiday tree or a mobile. The calendar is an interesting idea, though I admit I have not tried it. A good way of bringing observation to a more hands-on place. I can imagine shaping the clay moon as I stand looking at her, bringing a real connection to all that I have learned. Clay is just a fun medium that can become almost anything. Working with it builds many skills but my favorite is patience. You can not rush clay or it will show.

A moon Mobile is so much fun, especially if is it glow in the dark. This can highlight the reflection of the sun’s energy. This garland can decorate altars for years to come. Remember that the knot tying here is very good dexterity work. Either activity lends itself well to plan-to-action exercises as well.

Space is just is not complete without the element of exploration. We should always be learning and exploring, so make this cardboard rover direct from the J PL lab of NASA. Here is an upcycled rocket that is just amazing!

Our three rockets form let to right – Birthday confetti, R Car, and SS Star Gazer

In general, I think hands-on is best! But the paper has its place! These amazing worksheets and activities can help you create any moon magick.

This phase of the moon is great and can be incorporated in many ways so long as you are OK with ignoring the instructions at the top (lol). This can be used to review concepts or for specific work to be done under each phase of the moon. Whatever, it is a great print out! And this is just a FANTASTIC set of resources from Mensa Kids that can help anyone engage with the moon.

Lastly, I want to include this list that is simply amazing. She has all kinds of moon activities and printouts for younger children! Reminding us that M is for the Moon and Making the Moon in any way you can has a Magick energy.