Get in the Kitchen & Making Magick

Get in the Kitchen & Making Magick

April 9, 2020 0 By Casie

If you want to make a mess in the kitchen with your kids. Though none of the following ar at al specific to being Pagan. But if your like me and think magick is made in the kitchen in messes and memories, then you might enjoy them anyway.  The reason I collected them together is that they are weird and can make a stand out in the sands of time. Take the Wacky Cake, I have fond memories of this cake and lot the recipes for years then a meme of all things helped find it again. All I can say is follow the instructions. Let’s not forget Dandelion Cookies are delicious and have the on of foraging before preparation if you have a source you know is pesticide-free. These next cookies are so rich they they make a good snack or even breakfast, deliciously dark breakfast cookies. goddess-1500599_1280

After working in the yard or a day on the beach nothing is is better than Cucumber soup, how often have you kids had cold soup. It is so good and refreshing. Anther delicious dring on a hot summer day is this hot is Honey Lavender Lemonade. Though this one is best with quests, sweet but not too much so. The kids love to help with this one but I am convinced it is just because they get to eat twice. However many you thought you were going to make double these Icecream Sandwiches My oldest can almost Make the Frozen Fruit Kabab by herself. This is a great way to use up the last be of fruit when the family loved it last week and won’t touch this week. Yogurt or chocolate is delicious! 

This is a fan favorite! which is to say the kids love it! The Honey Taffy. Making it eating it and let’s face it playing with it are all things my very stickie kids love.