Harvesting Happiness on Lammas

Harvesting Happiness on Lammas

April 21, 2020 0 By Casie

The Harvest time of the year is when the work is upon us once more. With each sweet berry, let us be mindful of all that has happened to bring us here to the first harvest, Lammas, or Lughnasadh.

The first thing to do is read about the holiday at hand. I do this every year, no matter how many years I have been practicing. It helps put me in the mood sort of speak. Yes, I feel the energy too, but modern life can sometimes get in the way. For that, there is no better cure then reading. Seattle Weekly published an article that makes an excellent point that this holiday is cross-cultural to a much greater extent than some of the other holidays.

The information at Hesperides Garden for around the world and a more in-depth look at individual cultures harvest celebration. Sometimes finding out how others do things can help us define/ refine our practices. Mystic Elements dose a lovely job recounting her first celebration of this day.

If you’re looking for ways, in general, to celebrate at any age, I just can get over the list at Moody Moons, Some of the innovative and fun activities listed bring a modern twist to this very old Holiday.

Oh right the children…

As a candle mass holiday, I strongly recommend some fire safety. And there is no one better than that then Safety.com and while your there feel free to make a home safety plan because I like you and want you to stay safe.

Activities for the little blessing can be found at A Special Dance, what I like about her list is there is something for everyone. maybe what you can do is light a candle or maybe its bake bread from scratch. Time is a factor and we all know it. Intent and Heart mater more I would like to think we know that too. Do you. There are perhaps 2 dozen other great ideas there, I swear something for everyone. The Ozark Pagan Momma, however, has a list of stories related to the holiday. There are also several other crafts and even sports, but the stories – I’m telling you the stories. J.C. Artemisia has a few great coloring pages and a few great books if your looking. Exemplore took a different approach to list crafts for the whole harvest session. There are wonderful tutorials and the results do not only doable but beautiful.

I hope you have a wonderful harvest and too many blessings to count!