I love Spring – Happy Imbolc

I love Spring – Happy Imbolc

February 2, 2021 0 By Casie

As a gardener, I am always happy to greet spring. Where I live spring is in full seeing by this time. If you don’t start now you will miss a large part of the season. It is important to celebrate your holidays your way. Every year I do a garden blessing and love working and playing with joy in the yard with each garden bring its own blooms and color to the yard. Enjoying the sun is the name of the game. We also make candles! Making candles can be as easy or as complicated as you wish. Lighting the candles can be fun and joyous and have so many benefits. I do both these activities with my kids. But they always want more. So I took to the internet – here are just some of the activities we will do on and around Imbolc.

Here are a few good links to general Imbolc information from resources I like. Learnreliginons.com is one of my favorites, they have a craft round-up too. I also rely on the more musically inclined for playlists. Though hub pages are new to me I liked this round-up appreciating the inclusion of cheese and acorn wands as a counter to the corn dolly.

I love corn dollies and have made them since my first year. There are many ways depending on your grain. Corn the one I have done most of the years or Wheat this is the one I will be doing trying this year, Reed I think I will do this one with lemongrass and allow it to dry to through in the fire.

How cute is this little felt candle! Though she put them on her Christmas tree we will be putting them in the kid’s window With suction cups!

For their outdoor play. We were inspired by these nature candles that are a lot like the felt ones but made with sticks and nuts. along with a clip. Where I live the clip would rust immediately and the nut would rot or mold almost immediately. But you have to love the internet because it gave me the idea for these candles intended to be stuck in the dirt. In our yard, the kids have access to foliage so these candles need to be lit by adding colored leaves. Added bonus is the development of fine motor the is required to light the candle. Also, the kids love the chance to use the power tools.

Making sand candles is a great way to get in touch with the land around you, or a space you love in a small item that can be used however you see fit. By using the natural soil of a space can as a tool that in the end only takes a small fraction of the soil. Also, you can add anything that will not catch fire when the candle burns as well as herbs and oils which I recommend you add just before removing from the burner.

I love candles, often making them at this time of year and using them all year long when needing the energy of spring. This year I want to try these egg candles.

These simple Suncatchers and can be done unsupervised if your children are old enough. The beauty of them hanging in the tree reflecting the light is beautiful all season long. (In our house the fairies take them away after a while). We will probably make these over the next month as we enjoy the sun and garden!

Seed booms of wild flowers are must!

I love, love, Love this idea for a Brigid’s cross! Adding unique energy to the unconventional cross many magick, prayer gratitude, or other work can be created here. I just know I will use this again and again. Not that a traditional Brigid’s Cross is not a magick all its own.

Lastly always wanting to put the magick in their hands I love these fire ribbon dancers that would allow any child to become the flame and connect with fire/sun energy.

We don’t do all this on the holiday but over the course of the beginning of spring interwoven into everyday life. Some simple thing happens the day of, while others get to remind us that magick is all around us and spiritual development happens every day.