It’s the little things…

It’s the little things…

April 16, 2021 0 By Casie

There was a time that I lived in downtown Denver – throw a rock and hit a senator was my joke. These were not the nicest or safest neighborhoods, but I love them. Old buildings with mature nature all around, filled with history. By a happy and odd set of circumstances, I had no car and walked everywhere.

At the advice of a very wise and energetic friend (who also walked everywhere), I started picking up trash along my path. This was very frustrating at first, every day I would fill a grocery bag or two in about six blocks. Every day I would see fresh trash strewn over the trees and plants along my path, distorting the only beautiful nature I had in my daily life. As I walked this path every day before 7 am I just kept on filling bags of trash every day. As the months passed and my friends and I picked up trash wherever we walked (and we always walked) I started to notice that there was less trash – the trashcan at the small park had a new lid and previously untended plants had new life.

A few more months past and neighbors that once ignored me started talking or waving and on occasion thanking me for picking up trash or picking up trash themselves. Then came a day where I could barely fill a grocery bag on my morning walk.

This one small act blossomed into a community effort to living in a clean neighborhood and friendlier community. I did not preach or promote the idea in any way but by my actions. It was not my intent that others would actively join, but one small action over time made a big impact on the time I lived in the area.  I hope it continued.

The reason I tell this little story is to demonstrate two magickal lessons. First, those small acts have a big impact, whether in community building or daily spiritual practices can gradually change the reality of the situation.

In your spiritual practice making one small act daily can affect your spiritual self in a surprisingly short amount of time. Whether it’s praying over your food, lighting incense every day with a small prayer for others, or pulling a card from your deck every day for insight, these acts put you in touch with your spiritual self every day. That impact can be tremendous.

The Second lesson is about intent. The intent in picking up trash was to be a good community member and better my own environment. I know it would do well for others and that the plants would appreciate it. My intent was good in nature and came from a place of love. That same energy is reflected back by the community.

If however, this came from a place of anger or spite or even pride I do not think that I would have gotten the same response. My intent was to change my behavior and hopefully my morning environment. The yield was more than I thought possible.

Little changes…that’s what I suggest for anyone looking to do more for their spiritual self!