Litha Sun Shine On Me

Litha Sun Shine On Me

April 21, 2020 0 By Casie

Oh how I love the sun. It shines down a little more on the longest day of the year. so its time to get outside and have some fun all together as a family. But what to do???

Sun Shine

You could start by planning a family ritual, this one from Hesperides Garden is simple and easy. But it could be simpler and you could just draw the sun your body in as is suggested at The Tetraktys, where you will also find much more insight. Of course, Learning Religions has an excellent all-around Litha blog but they also have one just for general kids activities. If you want to get a few more specific activities consider Of the Moon or Artists helping children both of which have long lists of dozens of activities. I am really liking the idea of the bleach pens and the flower crowns. The Celtic Connection, however, has a shorter but unique list of which I really like the treasure boxes idea.

Yes, Yes it is the longest day of the year so we better prepare with these Little Acorn coloring sheets, they have them for so many occasions be sure you stop and look around. For number 6 of suggested activities from Romper consider these:

Raven and Crone

Hesperides Garden

Wise Witches and Witchcraft

All of which have spent many hours compiling myths and traditions from around the world. It may be a long day but the most important thing is you are together or doing something you love in the bright light of the sun. Enjoy each other drink up the bits of sunshine in your life.

Have a safe and wonderful summer.