Micro Altars all about the house!

Micro Altars all about the house!

April 30, 2021 0 By Casie

We all have a lot going on, you, me, and everyone. The many aspects of life are too much for one grand altar and logistically I don’t have a space for that in our house. To address this issue I have many small altars all around the house. Some were planned and others developed organically. Some very obvious and others more embedded into the home décor. But each is in the best spot for me to use it and appreciate it when need be. When I first started using micro altars they were instantly more used and loved, which added to the effectiveness of the altar by interacting with the energy.

Many of the planned micro altars are more embedded in the décor. An altar for each element exists in the direction it’s associated with. It was easy to find an aspect of each element that fit the space and is only apparent to me, the only person it has to be. Some altars come and go, others stay for years. There is a health altar in the kitchen and a safety altar in the car. Each and every one was planned and placed to change the energy in my world.

The mommy altar was the first organic altar. Since I noticed the formation of this subconscious altar I have chosen to add a few things here and there. This is one that is used almost every day. I would say this one is apparent to those in the know but embedded to those who don’t know what to look for. I have also found an ancestor’s altar in my daughter’s room and a growth altar in the garden. These and a few others started without thought and planning. These organic altars often seem perfectly placed for their purpose, once I notice them I can’t help but use them.

Some of the Micro Altars are very apparent. I have a gargoyle with a rock protecting my front door and a key in the window – this altar spans the threshold of the house. There are elements you can’t see but others can’t be missed.  There is also my main altar that spans the better part of my master bedroom (thank goodness for my understanding husband). Though I don’t have many people in my room, when they enter, the spiritual space cannot be overlooked. For me, this is not a problem as I am about as far out of the broom closet as one can get. Having apparent altars all over the house is a choice. Having small altars can allow more spirituality in your living space discretely. The energy of the altar is all in how you set them up and how you feel about them. Your spiritual space just needs to be set up in a way that means something to you. It is meant to be the space where you are the most you. I encourage you to make yours – whatever that means. Lastly having so many small spiritual places throughout the house creates a spiritual environment. Over the years I have begun to feel that I walk upon my altar.