Mirror Magick to improve Body Image

Mirror Magick to improve Body Image

September 25, 2020 0 By Casie

Like so many, I have my own body image issues. For years before I left my house each morning I would say to myself “this is as good as it gets.” Horrible, right? By doing this, I was dragging myself down, eroding my confidence. (We all need to be much kinder to ourselves.) This is how life was, and then a few people confided in me about their own body image issues. I had nothing but empathy, feeling the same way as each new confidant. I decided I did not want to feel that way. Mirrors are a natural extension to the image, we stand in front of them and judge ourselves, stealing little bits of our confidence away. But they can be used in a different way to help us lift ourselves up.

Mirror magick was the first form of divination I ever learned and I knew that, with the close connection to water, emotion, and the Goddess, my bathroom mirror could be a powerful tool to help me see my own beauty. I knew that if I brought magick through my mirror, I could make positive change every day. This type of magick can become part of your routine and that has the added benefit of lifting your spirit as you live your faith. 

I put a Protection on any mirror I intend to use for magick. Please take any precautions you feel are necessary. I simply treat it as any magickal tool. Clearing and blessing in the usual way.  In this case, I use the bathroom mirror as that is the place where I, like so many, was harshest with myself.

Start with the eyes. When you finish getting ready look yourself in the eye through the Protected Mirror – not judging – try to see your soul for 10 seconds. Hold your own gaze. It’s important you don’t judge yourself during this time. Make a habit that whenever you’re walking away from the mirror, look deep within yourself, truly see yourself, your inner self, and your whole self.

Next, reclaim your bathroom, Make this a space you want to be in, a temple of relaxation. Make it as close as you can get it. Creating this space allows you to see yourself in a positive way. Think about all the different aspects of you. There are so many and each aspect of yourself has its own strengths and weaknesses. Use the space. Enjoy it and reflect on self…the whole self. So now the judging begins… it happens, that self-hating thought jumps in your head … it’s fine, breathe. Now will a compliment about you into your head, any aspect of you, look in the mirror and repeat it, and again.  Make this habit when you get ready every day. Every time you judge yourself in the mirror you must now complement yourself too. The rule is you must do both. You must see your whole self through the mirror, the good and the bad.

It is important for us to demonstrate a good attitude for ourselves and our bodies. The little eyes are always on us and this huge responsibility has me facing more of my challenges than ever before. I know that they will face their own challenges, but I don’t want them to adopt any of my challenges. May nothing stand it their way of seeing their own greatness.