Moon Cookies for all!!!

Moon Cookies for all!!!

August 19, 2020 0 By Casie

If you are like me. you have a love-hate relationship with cooking with the kids. Love the memories and the yummy goodness. Hate the mess and that if the kids know the Moon is full or dark I will never say no to making cookies. Little heathens always remember, helpful but that’s a lot of cookies. So just to mix it up a bit we have been trying different recipes. Here are a few we have tried and some new ones I want to try in the future. But the kids are taking an extra-long nap so here we are.

~~ Please do NOT feel like I am any way saying fresh bakes cookies from scratch or nothing. No, as far as I’m concerned you can simply look out a window to connect with the moon. I like cookies… so I have used store-bought, manufactured, local bakery, gifted from a friend, girl scouts, made from a mix and frozen, animal crackers (come on its a cookie), once a piece of toast and whenever I can a S’ more (which is not a cookie but its about me, and my spiritual connection) I Do what works for me and you should too!

Back to the cookies!

My got to recipe is as follows

Half Moon Cookies

1 cup sour milk (i sour my milk with a bit of lemon juice.
1 1/2 cups sugar
3/4 cup shortening
2 eggs
1/2 tsp salt
3 cups flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp vanilla

Bake at 350 degrees F. 10 minutes on greased cookie sheet.

This was my dive into Moon Cookies by name, eclectic by nature its always worth exploring.

I like this one from, Naturally Wholistic, Here she clearly used a beautiful press to get the lovely design, but I like the recipe to add decennial oils and dry herbs. making it an all-around good recipe have. Hand press in my palm bake till the edges are golden. Cool completely.

Gifted to us these cookies were extra delicious because the kitchen was clean the whole time we ate them, ok… ok it was only an evening, but how could i help it they were German Moon cookies !

The Kossuth kifli (half-moon cookie) to make because you cut them out AFTER you bake them – My kids, thought this was hilarious and made for a fun night with the moon. This is an old recipe still popular in some parts of Europe, so fun to have the history there too.

I am not am a big fan of fruit in bakes goods but one blue moon we could not help it, we used this recipe for blue moon cookies. I think tossing the berries in flower helped then adhere to the dough. I added blue food coloring which was fun too.

Traditional half moon cookies are on our bucket list – when you look at the recipe you will see why. But if your kids are older or you are braver then me I think they would be delicious.

Yum, a chocolate cookie at last! well kind of this one is a palio and keto-friendly version of the moon cookie, and I can not eat coconut but is the recipe used by a friend and she likes them. Allergies suck but no one should feel like they can not participate.

These cookies look beautiful but we made a huge mess. A sandwich cookie mad this lots of fun. we did not have the cool cookie cutter so we did our bet to make the top one the shape we wished. it wasn’t perfect like you can see here but it was tasty and made a memory for the whole family. It was enjoyable to have a new favor in circle as well.

Sooo I did not make these cookies… but the activity is so good we have done it a few times – this link has a free template and everything. the Oreo moon activity not only teaches about the moon but instruction following as well as patience. In my mind, this relates to the Stanford marshmallow study with kids, as its good practice to see the region why.

Now this one I can’t wait for!!!! In the Spring of 2021 we are going to do both with the edible flowers that we grow in our garden. I think it will be a tone of fun. The basic cookie recipe is similar to some of the others but here the flowers are dried and stuck to a glaze on a sugar cookie, fun to do for a flower Moon. The second recipe has you press fresh flowers into the surface of a shortbread cookie.

If you like cookies as much as I do I hope you take advantage of some of these wonderful recipes. Though there are thouseand of cookies out there moon cakes are special becaues their made with intencion, wather made in the shape of the moon or strangely shaped blops if you use them to celabrate the moon then to me their moon cookies.