Numerology adding up the fun

Numerology adding up the fun

April 21, 2020 0 By Casie

There is so much fun to be had using numerology with an exciting mix of children. Numerology can give us insight on so many levels. For instance, my son is currently obsessed with 7 ( no, son, you can not have 7 cookies). Could this help me find out something he is looking for in his life, something he needs, or maybe something deeper? I will never know without exploration. mathematics-1044087_1920

Of course, during any exploration of numerology, you can’t go wrong looking at Lots of stuff about every aspect of the digits. I bet you have stumbled across this before, but did you find this crazy Cool Calculator. This bad boy can do it all. You can find your numbers and uniquely learn about them in THREE different numerological systems! That’s right. There are three learn more about Chaldean, Pythagorean, Kabbalah at this next excellent resource Numerology.Center. Here you will find anther active and insightful number work. Learn how to do all those calculations at Affinity Numerology can show us how!

The good folks at Professional Numerology have an excellent back down a Parenting Number that may also provide you with insight on your style.

Let’s look scrabble-620665_1920at the kids! Of course, the baby’s name has numerology too. I refer you back to the calculator above. But Over here at Baby Center Canadia a bit simpler, but if you’re looking up names, this is the way to go, you can adjust your input to get each of the destiny personalty and sole numbers. Have fun with it! This article has some insisting insight on the karma aspect of causing a name and how numerology can help. 

Here is a review of the spiritual use of numbers from Academic Kids. Learning more about world cultures is always good, and I find that even if you don’t agree, the knowledge itself deepens the experience.

Don’t forget to have some fun with those kids. Affinity Numerology has many beautiful ideas. But just for fun, let’s see if we can add some in the comments. Try out these Numerology worksheets from Hesperides Garden, who also has this book and this magazine. All of which focus on teaching kids to understand their own numerology.  Numerology is not complicated, and most children will be able to interact with this. Still, I and the people over World Numerology will tell you the longer you look, the more depth numerology has.