Resources from me!

I am a maker, a crafter, I like to collaborate sometimes those things produce something that I can bring to the community to benefit many. I think we need more in the way of resources to help the next generation find their paths, by sharing ours.

My Easy Store is full of random things I am inspired to make. I think their all looking for a home its the making them that is important to me.

My most recent collaboration with Little bits of Interesting. Introducing My Altar Space Puzzle

These magazines help independent thinkers explore the magick of a single topic and season. Eclectic at the core, these are designed for individuals to develop their own path. These magazines are about doing, putting concept to action, and actively participating in activities that feel the spirt.

Volume One, Universal Forces

Colors, Numerology, Cycles, Stories

In the first volume of Witch~Lits, we explore universal truths. There are some things we all experience. Exploring these universal formational energies will explore a primal understanding of the truths that affect us all. We can not escape their impact or significance. By developing and understanding these inescapable forces, we better prepare our children to understand themselves, no matter the path or tradition.

Volume Two, Elements

Air, Fire, Water, Earth

The elements that make up all, explored in the season that is most connected to them. Putting the magick into action, these magazines explore science and spirit. Learn about the world and the magick.

Volume Three, Cosmic Energy

Moon, Sun. Planets, Stars

The energies that impact us and everyone, they shine down from afar making our world possible. Explore the science and magick of the cosmos. Developing a personal relationship with these energies can benefit every practice.

Make this your most magical year yet!

The Stardust Journal is a guide that can help anyone create a year of spiritual growth by providing a framework that is easy to use and create the personal and unique practice they really want you to want.

Journaling during a trip is the
best way to preserve it

Activity Journals are fun, engaging, and magickal. Every year we change and grow. This Happy Birthday book will help you discover just how much every time you look back. The Travel Journal makes the most of the small moments during big moments. Travel changes us and this journal can help anyone discover just how much.

Coloring Books are fun! Coloring books that teach are amazing. Coloring books that teach while exploring the unique nature of your spirit are the best.

123 Make A Spell With Me explores the energy process of spell work, following the basic format with a little rhyme. My first Numerology Book includes a rhyme that may help you remember the energy of each number.

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