The Stardust Journal

The Stardust Journal

You are made of stardust! The magick is inside of you!

This is a journal for the eclectic, exploring, and those ready to grow. This organization of worksheets and planning guides will help you have a personalized year of growth. If you are ready for personal growth through observing the natural cycles and energies around you for a year, this hands-on journal is for you.

Organized around the months of the year, this journal provides a structure for you to have your most spiritual year yet. Observing the sun and moon, connect with the elements and other natural energies at the correct time of year. Find time to explore yourself! The Stardust Journal is a structure to make it easier to commit and follow through.

Change it, have fun with it, be guided by your spirit to make it your own, and have your most Magickal Year Yet!

The Stardust Journal was created based on making it possible for myself my family to celebrate and live in the real world. Using this structure I have planned small intimate things with just a few friends, to big parties, to something with the family, and occasionally something just for me. It’s flexible and does not box you in, keeping with the natural cycles of the earth we share. This is the type of journal that amplifies what you put into it.

2020 EDIT: This year, I used this to plan activities for the kids during home school. It has been beneficial to get my eldest involved in the planning and preparation, adding to the energy. She is showing more interest. This tool helps me explore her spirits and teach small things here and there to grow on.

Get yours to start your Magick Year