Witch~Lits Cosmic Energy

Witch~Lits Cosmic Energy

Mysterious Cosmic Forces are always with us. Starting from the moment we are born, the universe gives us everything we need. The sun, moon, planets, and stars carry a different significance for each individual. Here we discover some science and some spirit. Eclectic in nature, Volume 3 is designed for self-exploration.

Each section focuses on a single topic, following the energies associated with the given season of the year. Spiritual concepts presented through focused articles help young readers broaden their horizons and individual development.

Explore each element over the year’s seasons—with hands-on activities, engaging articles, and so much more. They are made for the independent thinker who wants to explore.


Presented in the Spring, the moon. It teaches us much about cycles, change, and magick. The cycle observed from around the world is designed to deepen your unique relationship with this energy.


Explore the science and the impact of the sun. Learn about abundance and love. Explore how sunlight is changed. Day in day out, the sun is connected to us all.


Learn about the science and influence of each planet (and dwarf planets). Explore the connection you have to each planet. Understand more about why each planet is associated with its given attributes. Autumn skies are often excellent for spotting plan


Learn more about the stars, their science, and magick. Explore how they’re formed, and the history written in them throughout time. Stars have wowed the ages, and now you will know why. Scratch the surface on zodiacs from around the world and find depth.

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Witch~Lits helps young ages (7-13) readers get the core information, including science, correspondents, stories, history, and so much more. Each season has several independent and together activities that bring each energy to life. Witch~lits is a great way to introduce concepts while allowing your child to explore spirit directly.