Witch~Lits The Elements

Witch~Lits The Elements

In the second volume of Witch~Lits, we explore the four elements Air, Fire, Water, and Earth spaced across the four seasons that travel the wheel of the year. Each of the four magazines is aligned with the seasons and the appropriate elemental correspondent. Each section is also filled with science, articles, activities, and lots of open-ended learning. Built for exploration, each young reader can apply and adapt the information within to fit their spiritual calling. The Elements uniquely impact each of us, but this detailed look can help any reader discover more and deepen their relationship with each element.


Float on Air as you find inspiration for a better connection to the element. Through hands-on activities and critical observations, learn about the power of your voice, including Spring activities.


Feel the power of Fire! Presented during the Summer, these safe and creative hands-on activities bring Fire to life for all ages. Find a passion, energy, and so much more!


Feel the waves of time as you explore Water in the Autumn. Explore the connections to emotion as well as activities that can be done anywhere at any time.


Be grounded in the Winter for the exploration of Earth. Find a new strength and get your hands dirty. When the Earth is beneath your feet and within you, you are unstoppable.

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Witch~Lits helps young (7-13) readers get the core information, including science, correspondents, stories, history, and so much more. Each season has several independent and together activities that bring each energy to life. Witch~lits is a great way to introduce concepts while allowing your child to explore spirit directly.