Runes in the Water

Runes in the Water

November 30, 2020 2 By Casie

Learning about magickal things can take many forms. This Rune activity is designed for interactive educational play and making a set of semi-disposable runes that can be used in many ways.

A wall-mounted set is a fun way to display the runes and make them accessible for a time. This builds recognition in a passive way and is very important for kids in 3rd grade and below, but kids of all ages (and even adults) can benefit from regular exposure to the things we want to learn. Allow for free exploration and questions without specific learning – a Montessori inspired approach.

The Rune challenge can be customized to fit your child. I like to start by asking them to write their name through translation. Then make a sentence, story or joke with the meaning and translation of the runes, make a wish, say thank you for something and so on.

Making a rune bind is like cursive and requires you to think of letters directly. In this case, each rune has many meanings and instead of being lined up can be stacked. To develop lessons, the first one I always ask my kids to do is protection and gratitude staked.

Open up the play! Last time we had rues on the wall we had babies playing hopscotch on them, played guessing games, I found a few in odd places and so on. The lessons are about engaging our young Pagans into interacting with the material and meeting them where they are.

After a while, they lost interest in the runes and I took them down and put them away for another day.

Runes in the water


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Bonus: Carry that Rune with you! Making this set of Runes will allow you to send a rune with your child to help them in this way or that. Though we all know a complete rune set is best we also know that kids lose things. That’s what makes this set great! If your young Pagan should misplace as a rune here or there it can be replaced. A bonus maybe the lost rune will find someone who needs it.