Storytime my little Heathens A list of Resources

Storytime my little Heathens A list of Resources

April 22, 2020 0 By Casie

I love books; I love books so much that I want to share with you some book lists I have come across recently. Looking around for my kids when their books are getting a little to memorized during storytime, I like looking up these lists rather than around on amazon. Not only do these links put money in a Pagan or friend’s pocket, but the looking also the shopping experience becomes more about finding the book than the price or rating. I love these lists because they’re filled with books that are specifically for bedtime. Although sometimes we buy other things for other reasons when I am feeding their spirits and mine, I farm these lists like these.

Good reads are always a reliable source, with this lengthy list. I love it becaues of the rating. I feel like people who leave reviews on a platform wholly dedicated to readers are more insightful. This way, if my child is asking a specific question that I would like to address in this way, I can reliably find the right book. The recently updated list at Learning Religions has a different approach breaking into categories that are common for many Pagans, and they have a section at the end for us the cair givers. Being a big fan of Montessori Education, I love list like this one found at Montessori Nature may be the best list of nature books I have ever seen. Nature plays a role in most Pagan faiths, so a list like these has treasures in them.

We each have a unique relationship with Nature, so the books we will want to read again and again will be a reflection of that relationship. Finding the right ones is as simple as a scroll at Back Woods Mama, I bet your intuition will guide you. Beautifully compiled list by Six Seconds, though less graphic, is this list of books about emotional intelligence and the inner world. This article from Thrive Global features one of my favorite books about mental health for kids; The Princess and the Fog, by Lloyd Jones. Lastly, I have to add one I contributed to because some of these even seem to be missing from the other lists. I, of course, love these books. Reading is a magick all its own, and when you can wrap it in the intent to teach or guide, I believe, it makes it all the more meaningful.

Happy Story Time!