Television Magick for a Pagan Family

Television Magick for a Pagan Family

January 15, 2021 0 By Casie

Living in the modern world certainly has its advantages! One of those is television. Which, yes I know, can be a disadvantage too. But television is made by people, people who are thoughtful and with any luck are bringing the best of themselves to the table. That is what I think happened here with these underappreciated shows with Pagan themes.

First and one of my favorites, Avatar The Last Air Bender, describes in the best way how to open all your chakras in the first episode,  though the whole series has merit. The art is beautiful and the message wonderfully delivered, so even if you don’t watch the whole series, you can perfectly follow what is going on.

The next one came out not long after I was born. David the Gnome teaches us about kindness to animals and living a wholesome life. The good values story is based on the Book The Secret Book Gnomes by Wil Huygen. This story tackles the complex emotions of growing old and even death in a way children can both understand and not be scared.

Flight of the Dragons shows a time where magick is still in the physical realm and the kids go on an adventure to save the land from a wizard practicing dark magick. Here dark magick is used inappropriately because in the film that is what they say, and they’re using it to mean bad and evil rather than the balance of light. Antiquated, I know, but it’s an old movie based on an older book by the same name.

This next one was one of my daughter’s favorites – Maya the Bee. This bee does things her own way and the whole community learns to appreciate her as herself. She uses her unique perspective on the world to help the people around her accepting and helping despite differences. Set in a meadow there is plenty of nature themes that contribute to Maya’s life. It is her friends and the community that teaches her most.

Mary and the Witch’s Flower is fun. It has magick overtones and the notion that it takes work to master and that it can be used incorrectly or unsafely. I would not allow my children to watch this without conversation and sitting with her the first time. I love the role of the cats in this one.

This is a fun story, The Last Unicorn is only she and her less than perfect teammate. The mission is long and dangerous but together they work it out. I feel this teaches a growth mindset and the encouragement of others.

There are many things that can be said about My Neighbor Totoro. I think it depends on how safe and protected you feel your house and children are. In this movie, the kids move and find themselves with a lot of free time and befriend spirits around their new home. In this case, the entities are friendly. This is another good one that needs to be followed by a good conversation.

Featuring a selkie, Song of the Sea, who must find her own voice to break the spell of a Celtic Goddess. Nature plays a strong role and the movie also covers rather heavy material. Life is not always so happy and this film handles that in a beautiful way.

The Sword and the Stone is a retelling of Arthur and Merlin. It shares the idea that magick is learned and power is responsibility. I love this story from your own childhood and find that the lessons can still be applied today.

The Lorax, if you’re into loving nature you can’t go wrong with this one, (obviously). One that you may have forgotten about is FernGully: the last rainforest. This is another positive earth tail that includes nature sprites that are trying to save their home.

Old and new Fantasia, it is so easy to forget that there is a whole piece dedicated to the Greek God Bacchus, that I find delightful. There are of course fairies and the like here and there, flowers come to life. All of this to me can, with a conversation, provide my children with magical entertainment. I only explain one part of a few each time we watch it and now they tell me things. 

Away, like fantasia this story is set to music alone, the story unfolds of a boy who must go on a journey. It tells of facing fears and making choices. How kindness can be repaid in unexpected ways. This one can be scary, and you will want to be with the kids the first time. But the attention to detail in this one is impressive.

Television in my opinion can be a window to the world or a brain drain. It is all about how you use it. I think talking about what is happening and pointing out differences between perceptions can help children have the confidence to develop their own opinion and stick to them with confidence. I love tv, I love my window to other people’s minds and realities. When my kids first watch something, I watch it with them and help them put some things in perspective.