The choices of magick Moms (Dads too)

The choices of magick Moms (Dads too)

September 19, 2020 0 By Casie

Cleaning out some old files, I came across these two entries that took me back to the warm energy of new motherhood. In fact, I forgot that I took the time to think about the morality of doing magick on my newborn or just how much I could include my child in my spiritual life. Here is what I had to say:

Having my daughter six months ago I began to wonder, what are the ethics of magick and those that can not give consent? As you can imagine I only had the best intentions for my child and just wanted to help her. After some help and consultation here is what I came up with. Though it would always be best to get consent when doing any magick for anyone, my child is incapable of asking and thus I can use my best judgment.  After evaluating my intent and purpose in doing the magick, I find that magick to protect, aid, and/or ease the process of growing up and herb use are all perfectly and morally ok. I often help her with sleep, teething, and growing pains that I have seen her calm and improve her day. I have charmed a security object that we take everywhere with us to protect her & bring her luck. I have plans to charm her crib when she moves from her basinet which is in our room. Also, I include her in things that I am doing not for her sake but so they can remain a part of my life. At times I read magickal books aloud because I happen to be reading that book, she watches the documentaries and YouTube videos with me that at times have a magickal purpose behind them. These are things that I did before I became a mother and simply haven’t stopped.   We listen to Binaural Beats for our chakras which I recognize affect her more than say the documentaries but to me, it is no different than taking a walk in the park with the intent to do some movement meditation. This is the way I live is all, I believe it is best to incorporate her in my spiritual life even if in the future she will be able to choose for herself.

Little love with Yurdle (not Yertle)

I am happy to report that my daughter and now my son are very involved and enrich my spiritual life greatly. They are encouraged and given tools to explore this world in every way including spiritually. I really like this Encyclopedia and this book has lead to so interesting discussions. I do my very best to encourage and support these efforts. I make no effort to hide my spirituality in any aspect of life. I am out of the broom closet, one might say. I am neither eager to tell people or hesitant to bring it up. I let it come up naturally in most cases. This is not without its challenges but it is my truth. We face the challenges together as they uncover their own, and then we will face that together too.