The Universe Speaks To Me – How Can I Hear

The Universe Speaks To Me – How Can I Hear

November 12, 2020 1 By Casie

Hands-on work is often more fun and more memorable for kids of all ages. Finishing a dream catcher and helping the universe speaks to them, and highlights that it is those that listen and look that learn the most!

The elements are already connected to the planets they are said to rule over. You can fill out the most significant correspondents to you at this time. You can do this with research or intuition. Your tools should highlight your practice and spiritual needs as they are now. Each time you make this don’t be surprised if the including correspondents change, meaning you have grown to need a different message. If you make it with a group you will find that each and every catcher has a different message behind each flap! This highlights that the universe speaks to each of us differently.

The effort you put into discovering the message is up to the individual, not the universe. You must use the dream catcher or listen to the universe to get the messages for you.

Elements Catcher


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