The Yet Brew for Growth Mindest

The Yet Brew for Growth Mindest

October 20, 2020 1 By Casie

A growth mindset is one of the best academic tools that a kid can have. The power to say “I don’t know yet” leaves the door open to “one day I will” to be the next thought. This is the gift that creates life long learners.

Sometimes to teach these concepts we need to distract the kids!

Here we are going to make The Yet Brew that helps us see the greatness in ourselves and the best of what is yet to come. The distraction is the observational science of how oil and water don’t mix and impacts the varying directly. Additionally, this activity helps teach the coordination and control to add each component to the brew. This is a beautifully fun activity that by the end the kids are cheering for the mistakes they have yet to make.

Many of the things needed are likely in this house right now! And though we used fancy test tubes because I happen to have some and why not! But this works in any clear bottle and though clear oil is best too, what you’ve got will work.

Now on the the brew!

You will need:


Baby Oil

Food Coloring

Glitter Stars

A Nut & A Bolt 

Kernels of Popcorn

Follow this instruction of the rhyme.

  1. Start by adding the water asking the kids to fill it up with half and the other half oil. This can be messy but well worth it as they learn physical self-control, restraint, and measurement. Observe that the oil will float upon the water. We all have two aspects: the one we show the world and the inner self that lives inside us.
  2. Then add the glitter. We all have a little magick inside us and no one can take that away. You are you and you are amazing. Learning adds dimension to who we are, the more things you learn the more interesting of a person you are, you can explore hobbies and interests your whole life. Observe how the glitter pause as it floats between the outside world (oil) and more slowly to the inner world. (water) just like learning.
  3. Next, add the bolt & the nut. This bolt is what holds it all together representing internal knowledge and confidence. You know what you know. If you know something you should have to courage to share what you know. The nut represents being silly which can take a little bravery. Sometimes you must do something that makes you feel silly and strange, but this is part of the learning process. The nut and bolt work better together.
  4. Add kernels – Ask the kids how many good ideas they have? And give them a lot of kernels. Ideas just pop in your head and that is amazing! It’s a surprise as it pops. When you’re learning things can click in to place with a pop and a surprise and it’s great.
  5. Next, add food coloring. The color can bring the energy you relate with best. Your favorite color is a part of everything. Learning facts is wonderful but there is no better learning than the learning about you. Always remember that a bit of knowledge can change everything. the color will be very interesting to watch – the drop falls through the oil and bursts into the water. Just like your passions come from deep inside and you have to choose to share them with the outside world.
  6. Replace the lid. Seal with superglue in the cap and allowing time to dry. Your knowledge is sealed in you and you have to show with your words and actions – like shaking it up.