To the way word winds blow:

To the way word winds blow:

January 15, 2021 0 By Casie

One of the rawest ways to work with the aspects of Air is in the winds or Anemoi, magick wind. 

Boreas the North wind of Winter
Eurus the East wind of Autumn
Notus the South wind of Summer and Autumn rain
Zephyrus the West wind of Spring 

I have used these to call corners for a very Airy Circle and calling to each wind in its given season brings something extra to the circle. But remember wind is both the summer breeze and the ferocious storm winds, be aware of what energy you’re calling. I have found that this is specifically moving aspects of air, air with gusto, so whatever you’re doing be 100% behind it. But that being said it’s a lot of fun. I have called to the Notus to warm me up and Boreas when I miss the snow.  Eurus finds me and takes me home for five minutes at a time. And sweet Zephyrus watches over my baby in the nursery from his perch on the west wall of my house. And the air in that room is always so sweet.



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