Toys for Pagan Kids!

Toys for Pagan Kids!

May 11, 2020 1 By Casie

Kids need great books, fun games, and engaging toys to gro on. I think these three categories can be small with the right stuff but are often found big stuffed with Stuff that has been outgrown or never touched. It all depends on your kid(s). Here I give you their recommendations:


1: Evaluate your kid’s use of their things. Surely some things have been outgrown. But what is it about that toy that is meant for a much younger/older child that your child likes so much? This is identifying a need if you want to us Montessori terminology. The same concept as if your toddler is speeding their apple sauce all over the table provides them with paint.  There is also the possibility that your child needs to be taught a new way to play with the tool, I mean toy.

2: Pass along that which is not being used. Rember that that toy he once loved that is now never touched. is like a dead leaf on a plant: it once helped him grow but now is just cluttering up the steam. Remove it.

3: Spend your money and your time cleaning up toys that teach, encourage, and develop your child into the beautiful person their growing to be. Note – Not who game-characters-2661631_1920

With so much out there is can be a pain to find Pagan things ( I have included nature things too, because… well you know),

Every kid needs a stuffy. These how about a little Baphomet Plushie or this one. Or this one. Make your own Baphomet with this fantastic pattern. This Goddess is stuffy is beautiful. Though you can find almost any stuffy animal this Magick Dragon sits on your shoulder. If that’s not your thing: Maybe you are looking for a personalized witch doll? Make this adorable felt witch pattern or this one for your adorable little one.

A cross between a stuffy and a rattle This little heathen toy offers many grasping opportunities for babies. This rattle is simply durable and beautiful. These rattles made from natural resources may be the first magick tool your child ever has.

Help your child set up their own ritual space with this moon and holiday wheel display. child-2217747_640This felt child alter, and candles provide your child with a hands-on activity.  This child-size besom is sure to help your child participate productively in family rituals. A bubble wand is also a very fun way to have kids participate in the ritual.

Why not play with cards, your kids could have their own set! Choose from this Magickal Child ABC Deck or this junior version of a tarot deck with grate reviews. for another quiet but hands-on activity, help your child learn about plants and nature while also increasing their special awareness with this Montessori plant building felt activity. Consider felt finger puppets like these owls to enrich play,


finger puppets are great in the car.

If you do chakra work, these dolls are about the most adorable set there is, and when paired with these bowls and these doilies the matching Montessori game is crated. With a little crate through all sorts of communication and games could open between you and your magick little one. The little wood dols are common in Waldorf block/natural play, here is a little witch, mushroom and seasonal doll. These animal toys are also in the Waldorf style. As is this little witch,


Last we have puzzles!  the fist is a set of Waldorf trees that display the seasons in 10 lovely trees. I love puzzles! This green man puzzle features leaf shapes that interlock. Thidownloads puzzle is a great way to learn more about trees. the magick of transformation can never be overlooked, check out this beautiful butterfly puzzle.  You can also learn about common animal tracks through puzzle fun. What about the moon phases? This puzzle can be personalized just for the one you love to the moon and back.






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