Two Knot Meditations

Two Knot Meditations

September 21, 2020 0 By Casie

Knots have been used in magick all around the world. What is great about knots is that all you need is a piece of string and a bit of time to use them. There are many spells that can benefit from knot magick. There are also at least two forms of meditation that use knots.

The first kind of meditation takes some time and energy to create. Once created, it can hold a tremendous amount of power for the creator. You need a piece of string and a topic. Your topic could be something simple like the energy of the planets. Or your topic could be major events that shaped your life. Whatever you choose is fine. As you spend time studying meditation or working with the energies of the topic you have chosen, tie a simple knot again and again. You can do this in the style of friendship bracelets or not so organized. Work it your hands when you work with those energies. Do this until you have covered your topic thoroughly. Now you have a tool that is charged, knot by knot, with a specific energy. Use during meditation, and other forms of spiritual work. For each knot, focus on energy associated with that knot.

The second meditation is simple and straight forward. You will need a piece of string and instructions on how to tie a knot that is challenging for you. In time, you may need more than one string, but it’s best to start with one. Sit comfortably with your instructions and string. Start by tying the knot. It should be challenging. If it is not challenging choose a more complicated knot. Tie and untie and tie again. Focus entirely on the knot, tie and untie, tie and untie. In time you won’t need the instructions. Tie and untie, tie and untie. Eventually, you will find that this knot has been mastered and your mind can wander while you tie it. Now you must move on to another knot. The knots should get more complicated over time. This knot must take all your focus or is not an effective form of meditation.

 Today learning new knots has never been easier with many tutorials online. You can find many excellent ones at

 Side note: I think this will be good for my kids as they get older, particularly my son who is very busy.