Urban Offering

Urban Offering

April 23, 2021 0 By Casie

Give back to Earth when you out doing your work by offering a small amount of any of the following.

Peat Moss add Ph and organic matter

Egg Shell add Calcium

Coffee Grounds that are not used ad acidity – make sure it doesn’t touch the stem.

Epsom Salt add magnesium and help flowers bloom

Diatomaceous earth – give a struggling plant hope by treating an infestation with diatomaceous earth. This will stay on until the plant is next drenched and it will be washed away. BUT be thoughtful in determining when in where to use it. Bugs need plants and plants need bugs and this kind of earth will kill beneficial and bad bugs alike. As an experienced gardener and use of the internet, I have helped many plants keep ants at bay or just get a break and a chance to grow a few sun leaves so it natural protections.

In any mix with any combination of ingredients in any spice jar so you can sprinkle an organic fertilizer on any plant anywhere.  These common household ingredients can provide a little extra food and health to any plant. You never need to leave a lot just a small amount should be applied but can provide much-needed nutrients and protection. In fact, leaving too much can negatively impact most plants just a sprinkle of love.