Use what you have got!

Use what you have got!

September 20, 2020 1 By Casie

My little love for a time was obsessed with the fusible beads from which you can make almost anything. On one holiday she was gifted sets from several disconnected sources, creating a general mass. I hear your universe, we must work on pincer grip, or is it patience? Either way, there I was sitting for hours and hours – playing fuse beads.

Starting with fun shapes and whatnot, I eventually decided I could teach about the four seasons while we sat here. It was Spring so I started there and made a purple flower. I spoke about science and the things we could see that would be reinforced with the natural activities of the house and nature, herself. I spoke of the Earth waking and becoming again a land of abundance. I spoke of the fork of the spring and how planning helps everything. Next comes summer and for this, I did a deep green leaf. I chose this for the lush trees of summer, again talking of science and what would be seen outside. I included in the conversation how everything was growing and changing (and always would), and I helped her see her own growth. It was fun to included the word “lazy” in the positive statement, the lazy days of summer, and explain that you have to wait for the crops to grow. We laughed as she realized how long it takes to make a tomato (her favored fruit at the time). She was younger then but thought it was funny that they throw parties to build buildings (barn raising).

So of course, I did Autumn and Winter. Anther leaf but in fall colors. I love talking about harvest and abundance. There are three holidays in my tradition that are dedicated to harvest, the early harvest, the Autumn Equinox, and the late harvest. I think this is the season of abundance and gratitude and giving of self. I included all of this to the bewilderment of my tropical child – You’ll get it one day, baby. Winter, I must admit we mostly spoke of a famous Disney movie as my snowflake took shape. I tried to focus on the determination and the love showcased in this movie. I included a little about reflection.

In the end we now have physical representation of the four seasons!