You at the center of your universe

You at the center of your universe

February 25, 2021 0 By Casie

Stand with your feet on the earth, clear your mind, and connect to nature. – Shut your eyes and think of everything you feel giving it color. Whatever comes to mind is perfect. Let the color sharpen to a single point. Each feeling gets a new point. Using your mind to see the ball of energy that forms shrink until it is a point of light in the sky and relax from the thoughts clouding your mind. When your mind is clear and the crowding thoughts have all been placed out in a field of blackness, now add the great things, the exciting and happy feelings. Look within your whole self to feel and see all. Breathe… What hurts you? What is too much to bear? Do not edit or correct or judge yourself – You are awesome for doing this very difficult work. Now feel. Feel everything and all. Feel your Body, Mind, and Spirit. Feel the whole of who you are. Relax in this space for a time. Take a breath and keep breathing. Look at the stars that make up your universe, Here, you are the sun.

You are about to do work on your emotional self and need to remember to be as kind to yourself as you would be to your most dear friends as a child speaking to you. Though not just this, your emotional self, your physical self needs to be involved, you need to look and feel. You are free to cry and yell and take a break.

Painful and harmful feelings often push to the front of the line to take over and act distracting. In this case, this attribute will be helpful. As you breath release them to Divine, all of the things that hurt. Always wanting to hear from you. Your support is with you always. Feel the feelings. And allow that one star to fall from your sky. Hold it in the space just before you and look into the crystal ball. See the energy move…think of what having this energy in your life has taught you. Think of the impact on other lights in your life and how they are impacted. Think of the lights that impact this energy. Everything is connected and as you explore this energy, each new thought will impact it, but I can’t tell you how.

Only you know how the energy is impacted. What I can tell you is whatever you see is valid, whatever you feel is true. Your universe is about you, and that is ok.

Without editing, feel your feelings. Think about your thoughts, acknowledge your physical pain, and address your mental stresses. Accept it all. Release yourself from the burdens. Allow your divine to support you and love you unconditionally. Open yourself to the possibility of being free from this challenge and pain. When you’re done working with the energy related to that feeling, no matter how changed or different it looks allow it to spring back to its single point and joining your universe.

you can join you